Get out on the water for your volunteer firefighters

There’s nothing better than getting out on the water to catch the big one — except when you know that you’re going fishing for a good cause!

Most keen anglers don’t need any excuse to pack their rod and reel for a relaxing day of fishing. But when the Wellsford Volunteer Fire Department stand to gain much-needed funding from a little bit of work with the old hook line and sinker there’s every reason to get amongst the action.

That’s just what’s happening this March, as anglers from around the mid-North head down to the inaugural Wellsford Volunteer Fire Department Beach, Boat and Kontiki Fishing Tournament. Mowing the lawn and painting the house will have to wait for a weekend on the 9th and 10th, as every fish caught is not only a potential prizewinner, but also goes into a huge auction to raise money for the local firefighting heroes of the volunteer brigade.

Starting from 12 noon Friday anglers can cast their hooks from boats, from the beach, or (in an interesting twist) with the aid of kontiki style ‘torpedoes’ in a bid to land the big one. It’s all on until 3pm Saturday, when the last of the catch is weighed and the big auction begins.

There are considerable bragging rights at stake along with the awards for the biggest fish caught, but the real satisfaction must come from two very important things. Firstly, the chance to get out in the great Northland outdoors for some of the world’s best fishing. And secondly, the chance to give back a little to the men and women who give up their time and sometimes risk their lives to keep the Wellsford area fire safe.

If you’d like to be in with a chance to win, or if you’re just a civic-minded angler looking for a great excuse to book a weekend behind a rod and reel, check out the posters in Wellsford’s main street, or pop in to visit the Sports and Leisure store on Rodney St (opposite the ASB bank) or Hunting and Fishing Warkworth.

There you’ll find details on how to enter, as well as all the gear to make a real go of the competition.

And for those who just want to do their part by buying and eating a tasty fish (we won’t tell anyone you didn’t catch it), be at the Wellsford Fire Station on Saturday the 10th from 2pm for the auction.


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