A dog’s tail …

Orl to much excitemint

“Goodness me Dog. It’s all to much ixcitemint going on for me".

Yuss readas, Boss was sitting ona couch ina woolshed, me on me fadge ona floor, an it was reely early ina mornin’. We was watching the Mericas Cup ona widescreen TV.

Boss hada cuppatea ina thermiss, an his gerfrend Sharlene was still asleep ina homested.

“Yep,” said Boss. Ferst we hada Baabarians give the Poms a frite an then Blues give them a hidin’. More blimmin’ ixcitmint.

“Then look wot we just saw. That Altymiss in Bermuda startid runnin’ rings around the Kiwis boat. I had me hart in me mouth until tha poor skipper fell overbord and let us through ter win.”

Well, readas, I havint herd the Boss say so much since Bruser the Bull got threw the fence inta the shearmilker’s deary herd. Anyway, after havin’ breakfist back ata homested, Boss an’ me had ter do a lambin’ beat roun the proppity. 

Boss sed fresh ear would do him good, cos “we havta get reddy for them Lions ter play tha Crusayders down south.

It’s Sattiday nite an’ I’ve had a munny bet that we will win again cos the Lions don’t seem reddy ter roar.” Boss hada bit ofa chuckil about that.

But readas, Boss was a bit silent as he an’ Sharlene wotched the footy later on. We got beatin.

“Yes deah,” sed Sharlene. “Might be game on afterall.”

Hope so readas.

Cheers Billy



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