A dog’s tail …

Rains make alla diffrince ona farm

“Tell yer wot Dog, a day or two of sunshine should see sum musshies sprouting over the back ofa farm.”

Yep, readas, me Billy Borda Colly back with you an’ boy, Boss an’ his gerlfrend Sharlene gotta spring in there step with alla rain we had. Boss sez there’s been up ter 90 mills of rain in some parts. Well, I no we gotta full water tanks hear ona farm, ‘cos Sharlene bin doin’ heeps of washin’, an’ heh, heh, she ana Boss bin sneakin’ off an’ takin’ long showers eh!

Boss ixpicted the rain might end the drowt thata guvmint declared, but as I rite this kolum, Sharlene sed only that rural trust lady Julie Jonker was ona radio news sayin’ (Sharlene used her skool teacher voice) ‘the rain had made a difference with pastures looking a lot greener. The rain over the last few days has made all the difference — it fell slowly so was absorbed into the soil with little run off. If we get follow up rain and we don’t turn back to the dry hot conditions, farmers could have a good end to the season.’

“Good blimmin news,” seda Boss. “C’mon dog, we betta take a run ona Big Red Quad an’ hava chat wiv Pete tha shear milker. He will be a bit chufed I reckin. An’ wile we are attit, we betta srick a cartin ona bike carrier in case we spot sum good mushrooms.”

Well, I prikt up me ears, readas. Boss like nothin betta than a big feed of mushrooms offa paddicks, wiv heeps of bacon. Gess who get ta scoff the bacon rind too. Me!

Mine you, I herd Boss tell Sharlene she shood pack a bag, cos they headin’ inta town soon ter look ata Feel Daze.

They get ter stay atta hotel, an Sharlene goes shoppin, wile Boss hangs out wiv sum mates atta Feel Daze beer tent. Well, he also duz sum shoppin’ too. Sez he’s gonna take a look atta new ute this year. As usual, guess who will look afta tha proppitty. Yep, me an Sharlene’s Mum, up from Orklind. So even if we miss out ona mushies, I’m gonna get sum of Mum’s roast pork cracklin’ — fer sure. An I mite be aloud ter kip ona chair ina lounge, ‘cos Boss won’t be their to kick me out to me kennil!. Mum is me best mate wen’ she is hear eh? 

Cheers readas.



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