Council appoints interim CEO

Mayor Greg Gent welcomes interim Kaipara District Council CE0 Peter Tynan

An interim chief executive has been appointed to the Kaipara District Council administration, while a search gets underway for a permanent replacement to outgoing CEO, Graham Sibery.

Auckland-based accountant, Peter Tynan, was welcomed to council on Monday after his appointment was recommended by the Remuneration Committee, to allow business to continue while a recruitment process gets fully underway. 

Mr Tynan’s last position was as chief executive of Southern Cross Healthcare, and he has worked previously with Kaipara Mayor Greg Gent. 

“You may be aware I am chairman of the Southern Cross Group so Peter was my chief executive,” Mr Gent said.

“It is my judgment, and the committees’ after the interview, that he brings all the skills that Kaipara needs during this interim period other than local government experience. We do however have very capable senior staff who have those skills.

“Although used to much larger organisations than KDC, Peter will be paid at the same rate as the departed CEO. We are currently evaluating which recruitment firm we will engage to assist us with a new appointment. Obviously, in the interim, the business of council needs to continue.”

Mr Gent said the remuneration committee considered all the interim CEO options.

“We could appoint an existing senior member of staff to fill the role until a permanent individual is identified. It is likely we will have at least one internal applicant which is great. From my experience appointing an interim person internally has some downsides.

Should that person not get the top job they are then demoted and that can be challenging for some and often they are lost to the organisation. 

“Appointing an interim from within council signals to any other applicants that there is a preferred candidate … equally problematic. 

“We would also need to backfill the current role of the person that we promoted as that job would still need to be done. Mr Gent added that Mr Tynan “is a very experienced and a very capable manager.

“He stepped down from the Southern Cross role some months ago after a distinguished career.

“He has travelled since, including cycling the North Island.

“Peter is in his early 50’s, very sports orientated and has been active at all levels of NZ hockey, including playing for New Zealand.

“I am sure you will join me in welcoming Peter to our district”.


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