Grey Power looks at elections

Kaipara Grey Power is pleased to confirm that there will be a candidate’s meeting on Friday September 15, in the Methodist Church rooms and this is your chance to be there and hear what the parties are offering voters.

Grey Power is apolitical and does not support any political party but will work with any party that supports Grey Power’s aims and objectives. The Grey Power federation has sent a series of questions to all the major political parties on three main issues for this election. They are national superannuation, elective surgery and affordable housing. 

Grey Power recommends retention of state-funded, universal, non-means tested New Zealand Superannuation payable at 65 years of age.

We recommend improved early access to elective surgery through the  demonstration of a positive benefit/cost ratio.

Grey Power recommends that a range of quality, affordable homes and housing units that are suitable for older people and others to rent or purchase, be available Do you have any issue that should be considered by the candidates?

We need to be very aware that there’s a growing number of people entering their retirement years who have not been able to put very much aside. Our long established low wage economy and unregulated market forces in housing have made it impossible for many people to provide adequately for retirement, and those living alone and solely dependent on national superannuation are among the most vulnerable. Has the government a responsibility to provide more social housing in the Kaipara area?

Kaipara Grey Power took this issue to the Dargaville Community Development Board resulting in progress being made for another retirement village in Dargaville and in fact has a representative on the board. 

Among the other expenses faced by many retired people is oral health as anyone one who has recently been to the dentist will know. Unlike other health services dentistry is not subsidised by the Ministry of Health. There is a need to bridge the gap between general and oral health. An unanswered question is the cost to the health system of untreated oral disease. This is of interest to Grey Power, who over the years have lobbied the minister and the Ministry of Health as a short-term goal, to subsidise dental treatment for older people who have a community service card. Is there an election question here?

Grey Power was born out of the need to prevent a surcharge being imposed on national superannuation and that could be seen as an issue exclusive to retired people. That battle and those times are now well behind us so is it time for Grey Power to take another bold step forward and expand our field of operation to include other, younger, vulnerable groups in society? They are after all our children and grandchildren.

This is an important conversation for us which I hope all members will think about and be involved in over the next year.

Grey Power’s mission is to make our communities a better place in which to live. If you share this view why not join Grey Power and help achieve this goal.

Further information may be obtained from our president June Klenner 09 439 1736 and if your would like to join, phone Trevor Donald 09 439 5413.

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