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Local filmmaker Moemoea Mohoawhenua is calling on anyone interested in filmmaking to help him with his latest venture, a feature film called Te Toa…The Warrior

Kaipara filmmaker Moemoea Mohoawhenua has spent the last year and a half writing his third feature film called Te Toa… The Warrior and he’s keen to get a local team together to bring it to life.

“Anyone who is passionate about filmmaking and wants to be involved, whether they have experience or not, is welcome,” he said.

“In a nutshell, Te Toa…The Warrior is about a brutal Maori dictator who has taken control of Aotearoa. A Maori warrior arises to give the people hope and to try and lead them to freedom.”

It has supernatural and spiritual elements and is primarily in English, with waiata and karakia in Maori.

He plans to start filming in April 2018, with locations set to be Omamari beach, Waipoua Forest and Mohoa, near Mamaranui. Some roles are specifically Maori but Moemoea said he’s open to considering anyone who wants to audition. “I make my movies guerrilla style, using whatever resources, equipment and personnel I have — and for me as a director I always try make people relax as much as possible.” Moemoea has been a filmmaker since 2009 and as well as his two feature films, he has written, produced, directed and edited four feature documentaries and five short films.

“I’m really happy with the script now, it’s really powerful. It’s going to be a fantastic feature film once it’s completed. I can honestly say I’ll do it unless I drop down dead, that’s the commitment I have.”

Contact Moemoea at mmstudios@fastmail.net. See his work at moemoea.weebly.com.


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