Council engagement policy check

The Kaipara District Council is to refresh its Significance and Engagement policy which encompasses how it makes decisions while taking public expectations into account.

The draft policy outlines what the council will take into account when deciding what is significant and when the community will have a direct opportunity to contribute to decision making.

“In short — we want to have the right conversations with the right people about the right issues before making significant decisions,” said acting communications manager Benjamin Hope.

This would include the 10 Year Plan and Annual Plan and decisions that might change an expected service or something that will add cost to the ratepayer. “The policy guides our assessment of whether an issue or proposal is important to the community. It gives certainty that those important decisions will be treated in an agreed way with the community, and that council will follow the local government rules of engagement and meet the purpose of local government.” 

The policy will be reviewed every three years as part of the Long Term Plan Special Consultative Procedure.

Submissions open Friday, December 15 until 4pm on Wednesday, January 31. Feedback forms are available on the KDC website, or email


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