Blast for a clean sweep

The time is here — spring has arrived in full force, and the garden looks like a war zone. Not to mention the paths, the decking, the steps, and all those summer toys like boats, jet skis and off-road bikes, which have just come out of the shed covered in the grime of winter’s neglect.

The easiest way to deal with the lot is with a water blaster — a technology, which has become more compact and powerful throughout the years. Many people feel that it’s still necessary to fire up a big petrol powered unit to deal with household cleaning, but just as in the arena of chainsaws and mowers, electric power is making its presence felt with some powerful options.

The first piece of good news is that a modern water blaster uses less water than tackling the equivalent task with a bucket and hose. It is one case where the easy way is more eco-friendly, and that’s good news in the summer when water can be at a minimum. All the more reason to deploy the blast of high-pressure water early to roll back mould, discolouration and slime, of course — and secure in the knowledge that you’re not having to deploy harsh chemicals either.

When picking a water blaster, choose durability and well-built components, checking the fittings and piping along with the range of options to expand its cleaning power with fittings and nozzles for different tasks. A good water blaster should last a long time, so the cheapest is usually not best. A working pressure around 1,500–1,700 psi is ample for cleaning without damaging the surfaces you’re working on, so a big decision is in the size of the operating surface — the ‘footprint’ of where the water strikes. Another, as noted, is the option for accessories.

One of the best uses for a water blaster is cleaning up decking, but a direct impact from high-pressure water can be a little rough for timber. Rotating brush systems to clip to the end of the nozzle can make this chore disappear. Similarly, there are specific cleaning sets just for vehicles such as SUVs and quads, which get muddy, and others to handle boat cleaning.


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