New role for radio man

Anaru Tana, the Tu Tamariki mentor coordinator for Whanau Focus

Big River FM’s Anaru Tana has become the overall mentor of the Tu Tamariki Ki Kaipara youth programme this year for boys aged 7–14.

Whanau Focus Centre manager Wendy Salter feels honoured that Anaru has agreed to work with them. 

“Anaru will bring some wise experience and new energy to have the mentoring programme flourish,” she said.

“We’ve got a big challenge, but what I like about this organisation, Whanau Focus, is that challenges have been and gone and they’ll always be there, but we overcome them and get on with the job. 

“My role is to listen to the mentors about what they want me to coordinate and what they want to achieve,” Anaru said. “I see it as a challenge. My main focus is to set a really solid foundation.

“I think it’s important for our next generation. We can see the potential in all these young ones and everybody in my opinion has the potential to be a good mentor.” Anaru said the organisation is always on the lookout for new mentors.

“Someone who can listen, care and be a good role model for these young boys. To give whatever amount of time they can.”

Anyone interested can visit the Whanau Focus Centre. Phone 09 439 7009 or email


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