Fine forecast ahead for anglers

With a mixed bag of meteorological luck predominating over the Christmas and New Year period, those with a longer holiday ahead of them may very well be looking to the prospects for some late summer angling. The good news is, summer is set to roll on for quite some time, with only pockets of poor weather on the horizon.

Mild temperatures, medium cloud cover and gentle breezes combine to make for an ideal January, as forecasts predict the mercury in the mid to high twenties. On the water, this translates to summer’s typical rolling swells and many perfect opportunities to dangle a line off the side of the boat for some fishing action. Those who factor in the phases of the moon when planning a fishing trip will note that the last week of January is a poor time for predicted bites, though fishing remains average to optimum right through until the 21st.

As well as a migration of warmer water species, the summer brings with it another migration — anglers from out of the Kaipara region drawn here by the long sunny days and the prospect of some top catches. Who could resist the lure of heading out into the azure waters of Mangawhai’s east coast or casting a line out past the breakers on the mighty Ripiro coast, where even at this time of year the closest fishermen are often seen as mirages in the heat haze?
If you’re one of these visitors, welcome, but please do take the time to talk with our local fishing and boating ‘veterans’ to ensure you have the best possible experience.

As you’ll know, every top spot is different, with new challenges, opportunities and dangers. You’ll find that a stop at the local bait and tackle store will render lots of good advice on how and where to really enjoy your fishing holiday. Boaties especially are advised to take care if they are unfamiliar with the waters where they are set to sail, and to make sure they have life jackets, radio communications, a distress beacon and first aid supplies just in case.

The best part about fishing in the Kaipara — apart from the ongoing golden weather — is that every day is different, and there’s always something new to try. And if the trip delivers empty hooks, at least a visit to the takeaways or the fish shop will deliver a happy ending!


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